10 Signs You’re Addicted To Social Media

Justin Bieber posted a message after his performance in San Jose, Calif., on Wednesday, June 26, admitting he got lost in his own lyrics and forgot the words to one of his songs. Justin is on his “Believe Tour”, and after last night’s mishap he tweeted, “San Jose was right tonight. I might of forgot the words to Fall for a second there. Things happen. Lol”. Bieber’s behavior is apparently becoming, “more and more erratic”, according to The Improper on Thursday, June 27, prompting his manager Scooter Braun to desperately want to get his client into rehab.

Your artist/band name is of the utmost importance. Don’t go crazy cryptic or flamboyant, keep it simple. You want your fans to find you and in the end, follow you. Finding you should not be a instagram promotion treasure hunt.

“Surgery went great today! Best doc in the country! Only my hubby would still be smiling Brielle Biermann is wearing his oxygen machine so he can eat and the darn thing won’t beep! Lol .. IT IS ONLY UPWARDS FROM HERE! Ask, Believe and Receive. My hubby is the most incredible person! His attitude, his outlook, his positivity is like no other! Kroy, you my love inspire us all!” she revealed on Instagram while sharing a picture of herself with her husband.

Currently, instagram promotion has14 to 15 million users and is one of the easiest apps that could post pictures directly to your favorite social networking sites: Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Flickr, Posterous, and Foursquare. Hit Connect and online music promotion begins.

Bryce is one of the leaders among ring girls using social networking to advance their careers. She has over 42,000 Twitter followers, and close to 10,000 fans on Instagram.

Watch for Language – There are a lot of scammers out there using online dating websites to lure people into sending them money. Many of those who commit these instagram crimes are from West Africa and the former Soviet republics. If their command of the English language is fuzzy, but they are claiming to be a native citizen of your country, it should raise a a red flag. The person is likely up to no good.

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Lastly, Success… It is a lifestyle. It’s how you wake up in the morning. It is the way you stare at yourself in the mirror. It is type of food that your body takes in. It is the way you risk your life for happiness. You can be anything you want to be. You have to make the decision for YOU. Everything in life starts with you. “Life is what you make it.” So live in 2013 making your actions ring and you will be rewarded with a feeling that can’t be replaced by money any day. I’m going to end this with a great quote.