Amazing Article Writing – Revealed – 3 Ultimate Secrets To Improve Your Article Writing

Offer complete information. Never assume that service providers know exactly what you’re looking for. Offer them with detailed instructions when writing your project description. This must include the number of articles you need, the required amount of research, the keywords to target, your proposed topics, the length of each article, the SEO writing techniques that should be used, the deadline, and the amount of money you’re willing spend. Encourage service providers to voice out their questions and clarifications if they have any.

Give your service providers detailed Join my project. Take all the time that you need when writing your project specs. The more detailed you make it, the higher your chances of getting the exact articles that you really need. Tell your ghostwriter about your chosen topics and the keywords that you want them to target, the required word count, your preferred writing style and tone, etc.

Your writing skills develop naturally, just because you’re writing more. However, there are other skills you need to learn. For example, you need to know how to get a Web site online quickly, within hours; how to manage a press campaign; how to run a Pay Per Click campaign… the more you know, the more your opportunities increase.

Since a large number of our clients are in the real estate industry. Let us look at some of the tasks that a typical virtual assistant can perform for an agent: schedule appointments, communicate with title companies, flyer creation, postcard marketing campaigns, organization and management of client databases, listing coordination, creation of virtual tours, FSBO Campaigns (For Sell By Owner), website creation/maintenance, blogs, client appreciation gifts and gatherings, or newsletters just to name a few.

Another key element that should be included in this document is a list of preferred terms. For example, maybe you call your employees “associates” or you always refer to your customers as “clients.” These subtle differences make up a brand image; don’t let that be tarnished because your web writer didn’t realize its importance to you.

Look also at the reviews that the employer has got. See what other people are saying. Are they complaining about insufficient instructions, poor communication, rude behavior, delay in payment, etc.? These are things you have to be very careful about.

Be familiar with Search Engine Optimization. Learn how to optimize your articles by using relevant keywords on your content. Avoid using the same keyword over and over again. Instead, take advantage of keyword suggestion tools that can help you find other relevant keywords that you can use without sounding redundant. Also, strike a good balance between your article word count and your keyword density.

Then use mind maps and other pre-writing tools as you research. Create a first draft quickly; then create a second draft which you’ll send to the client for his input.