Assess Any Underlying Problems With Your Job Search

Setting goals is as much an art as a science. If you are creating major changes in your life or career, here are 4 goal categories which can help you stay sane and on track! This series of 4 articles examines OG, PB, DUMB and SMART goals and when you should use them. Today it is the turn of DUMB goals.

Two things not everyone pays attention to but can make a big impression: your teeth and your nails. If your teeth are not as white as they could be, or your nails not trimmed and neat – do something about it. This can give a bad impression. You want to look completely professional and put together so pay attention to every detail.

Forget about what you may have lost when you left your job and be thankful for what can be in the future. Now is the perfect time to re-prioritize. Should you be looking for a similar job in the same industry or a different industry? Is it time to move up in title and/or salary? Evaluate what is really important. Is now the time to look for a job that allows you more time with your family? Is it time to go back to school? By setting aside time in your work week to discuss these conundrums with a friend, mentor or icf singapore, you will decide which direction to move and confidently do so. Remember this time is a gift.

As the interviewee, you should potentially be even more focused on behavioral interviewing than the interviewer. The preparation can help with the land-mine questions.

Raise your income. Can you start a side consulting business and use the proceeds for the big change? The graphic designer can create websites, the financial planner can give Quicken tutorials. I know a marketing director who did a brand strategy for a start-up to pay for her kids’ new swing set. However, remember that you need your energy for the big change — this job is just for money so pick something you know you can do in which you won’t get too invested.

Dress professionally during a job search. Business casual has made the interview dress code a bit of a minefield but the basic idea is to dress in clean, tailored clothing that doesn’t show wear and tear. Your wardrobe selection reveals how much you care about yourself, the position and the company. Do you homework and contact the company receptionist, knowledgeable colleagues, and/or the human resource department for the interview dress code policy.

I find trade shows so energizing. You can meet people, get (or borrow!) new ideas, scout the competition, and find out what’s on your customers’ and colleagues’ minds. Plus, don’t forget, many trade shows offer workshops and key note speeches that give you the opportunity to get tips from seasoned pros.

So what do you do if you have been the go-to person for the latest dirt? Knock it off now. A few weeks and people will forget all about your past as the ultimate gossip.