Bicycling – Public Biking And Hiking Trails In The Greater Kansas City Region, No Excuses

It is ranked as one of the world’s most challenging walking and hiking trails and attracts lovers of adventure travel worldwide. The Kokoda trail treks 96 km over the forbidding Owen Stanley Ranges of Papua New Guinea and is so severe on the body and spirit that this year alone, it has claimed 4 lives.

Be sure to bring enough water and/or sport drinks especially during hot days. Consider brining water and add powdered electrolytes to ever other bottle of water you go through. Your great hike can quickly turn unpleasant if you run out of water on a hot day.

The second most notable trail in the northern section of Mount Greylock State Reserve is the ‘Overlook Loop’. Although only a little more then two and a half miles long the loop offers one specific view that should not be missed. To start follow the Appalachian trail in the opposite direction towards the radio towers. Remember as this trail is not along the Appalachian Trail it is blazed blue not white. Although the first leg of this trail is absent any views the shadow of tall trees can be very refreshing on a summers day. Once you cross Notch Road be on the lookout for a clearing with an unbelievable surprise.

As you already know, these two activities just seem to work. The major reason behind this is because hiking gear are typically found in campground and state park where people camp out at.

There is absolute requirement of map of trail and to follow the posts of trail. The color marked trails and signposts on the trees in specific color will guide you all along the trail. If you concentrate during your hike then you can look carefully for the landmarks and simply follow the map. Hike till you are tired.

Take note of the weather forecast and be prepared for sharp drops in temperature when hiking up high mountains on dry, sunny days. Wind speeds will generally be gale force on high ground during unsettled weather so it is essential to properly plan your hiking trips and to consider postponing if the weather forecast is poor. Be extra careful in wintry weather when icy paths and rocks can be especially hazardous.

These trails are accessible in every part of the state. There is ample number of mileage choices and one can make his choice without much difficulty. E.g.: The Parison Trail which is generally for the beginners is around seven miles and if you are on search for the length then you must go for the Wet Bever Loop which is at 22 miles and this would suit your need. Please make sure you decide on basis of your time, skill and the place you are in.

Hopefully, this short article has given you some good ideas for your next hiking trip. Our family really enjoys hiking together. There is nothing like being out in the fresh air, enjoying beautiful scenery, and having fun together as a family. Have fun, stay safe, and enjoy some of these wonderful Colorado hiking trails.