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Music. Most of these phones provide an MP3 or a radio function. Whether you are traveling or you just simply want to relax, you do not have to bring your portable CD player and your vast CD collection anymore because a lot of songs could be stored into your mobile phone’s music library. You can also listen to live news and songs on the radio on it.

Ask a question that will provoke an emotion. This will enable the person to think of you every time that emotion is felt. For example, ask “have you ever felt overwhelmed by the unorganization present in your home? I am a organization services who not only organizes things for you, but also provides you with tools and resources to improve your own organizational skills.” The next time someone is feeling overwhelmed and is in a state of chaos I am sure they will think of you.

These can make really good gift for the visually impaired. Knowing the time and being able to time things can make a big difference in someone’s life.

3) See the Roses. Flowers are luxurious and they can change the mood of any space…maybe you want fresh flowers on your desk or you position your office so that you can see flowers or trees outside. Either way- your confidence is raised when you see beauty because you feel beautiful. Is your office and work space beautiful?

Finally, think about where you want to work. The workplace has become more flexible than ever before. Perhaps you can work as a consultant from your home, or travel internationally. Maybe you enjoy a very structured and formal office environment, or perhaps you prefer to work as part of a team in a bright, open space. Determining the kind of location that you would like best will also help narrow down the best career choices for you.

During the rose ceremony itself, Kristy and Taryn are sent packing. Whatever. Like either one of them was interesting enough to care about. After tonight’s big yawn of an episode, here’s hoping next week will provide for a little more intrigue and surprise.