Epson Discproducer Pp 50 Disc Publisher – What Makes It A Must Have?

Many artists are still confused as to what goes on during a mastering session. This article will try to shed some light on the last step before fame and riches (well, at least the last step before duplication), and help you with preparing your music before sending to a mastering studio.

Getting cd duplication services for cheap is not to hard to find. The internet is loaded with companies scratching at the chance to get started working for someone. You do not have to be a band to need CD or DVD duplicating services. Many individuals who have hefty CD collections may want to have them copied for safe storage. Or perhaps Blu Ray or DVD collections you want to have copied.

It’s tangible. It’s the best proof you have of your talent. You can easily pass it around, and when people get a hold of it, it will be hard for them to forget you. Unlike, for example, if you meet a new group of people, and they’re interested in your music. Instead of telling them to check out your MySpace, you can just hand them copies of your album.

The dual DVD has a CD player that does not conform to the Red Book CD Specifications. This makes the layer 1.1 mm thick at least, causing some of the CD players reject it. Adding to this is spherical aberration that results in generating a blurry image of the data. Besides, contrary to the standard 74 minutes, only 60 minutes of audio can be stored into it.

One method I personally use to find an ideal CD and DVD Duplication service provider (or any other service provider) is through ASKING. I call up people I know (friends, relatives, neighbors, colleagues, business associates) and ask for some references. More than often, I get them.

Most all duplication facilities will ask that you burn your CD master in Disk-At-Once mode. This is because in the Disc-At-Once mode, there are no gaps placed in the audio data. When you burn your discs in the Track-At-Once mode, a gap of 2 seconds is added in between each song. These gaps will be read by the duplication house’s machines as errors or glitches in the audio, and may cause problems during the duplication process.

For a nice polished touch you can add in 15-30 seconds of music at the beginning and at the end. You can find great tracks at the Royalty Free Music site.

Remember if you aren’t a well know name in the industry people won’t come looking for your music CD. You will have to attract them in the split of a second in a music store and CD packaging will play a vital role in that.