Exercise Your Eq With Email

Do you rail against the routine, dull parts of your work? Do you imagine a life in which there are no boring tasks? Well, dream on! There will always be filing. There will always be dust. Like it or not, there is a housekeeping component to any lifestyle or profession you can imagine. If you think there is a lifestyle or profession that doesn’t involve humble, repetitive tasks, you haven’t looked closely enough. Ask someone who lives that life. She’ll tell you about scheduling the interns, scanning vast numbers of emails, going to the dump, emptying the dishwasher, compiling the bibliography, and so forth.

Last one on our list and probably the most important is database management. Most of the CRM integrated today have an app that be downloaded from the App store. A good example is Zoho CRM. You can manage your database from your iPad upon installation of the app. You can update records, send mass emails-or even collect leads. These apps can be signed in automatically so you will be notified right away if there are updates in your database.

I could go on forever telling you horror story after horror story – but the bottom line – in essence, – be careful, do your home work, make sure you are working with a credible professional.

Use a calendar. Calendars are cheap. Every Mac, PC or smart phone includes one. Electronic calendars are the best because they can alert you when you’ve got a deadline. If you break the goal into small steps, then set targets for those steps on your calendar, you can establish those at the very beginning, when you’re excited about the idea. You can then let the calendar’s reminders do their jobs at keeping you on track.

Never mind the fact that I could pull up probably fifty or so positive responses from second emails from my own personal online dating “files”. And never mind also that yes…I too had a few crm sent back to me that read similarly to his.

But you might be asking why aren’t some of the older more established (or trusted?) providers adopting this new technology? In short, most of them can’t. The framework behind their software just can’t accommodate rapid change, high speed and large updates. It’s kind of like they have an old 1800’s era ship. You can do small upgrades, add an engine but it will never ever be a super yacht. All the small upgrades you make will take time, cost a lot of money and in the end you will still never be able to compete with the newer vessels. This is what the old CRM software frameworks are like, any changes take a huge commitment in time and budget. Then all these expenses are passed on to the consumer.

You are what you think. A hallmark of all successful, happy people is the belief “the universe is conspiring to help me.” You can replace universe with whatever you are comfortable with. The principle is the same, asking yourself, especially in the midst of chaotic circumstances, “How is the universe conspiring to help me?” will steer your thoughts towards the positive.