Free Printable Coloring Pages That Look Like Real Animals

Scooby Doo, Velma, Shaggy, Daphne and Fred, Hannah-Barbera’s teenage super-sleuths are the favorites of a third generation of children now. Scooby Doo and the gang of Mystery Inc. have enthralled and delighted children since the early 1960s. ‘I’d have gotten away with it too, if it weren’t for you meddling kids and your dog!’ has become the classic line for villains thwarted by Scoob and his pals.

All you do is take out a strand of licorice and begin threading the licorice through each hole of the Lifesavers. You can use as many Lifesavers as you want. Just try to not eat all of the licorice or candy before you get the necklace finished! It was tempting. When you finish threading the candy through the licorice tie the ends together in a knot. The licorice is fragile of course but it will hold together long enough to see the finished project. I don’t know which one of us had more fun. My niece or myself. I enjoyed the time I spent with her and made some more memories so it was a great day.

Many parents like to print out enough to make small coloring books. It is faster than you think and a great gift that you can give to your child. Plus, you can feel great knowing that they will be using the pictures that they really like. As their parent you already know what will appeal to them the most and make them very excited.

Family Fun by “Parents” magazine: Browse bushels of Easter printables, coloring pages, egg decorations, stickers, and more fun activities at Disney’s Family Fun website. Free printables and activities include cards, table toppers, mobiles, stickers and of course, tons of coloring pages.

Open your favorite search engines. Type in “free printable coloring sheets” and do a search. You will find numerous returns for coloring pages. You can also narrow down your search by typing in the child’s favorite character after the word free.

Toy tubs – create containers of themed toys that you only bring out during really busy work days or when you need to be on a conference call. Let your child know that these toys are a special treat for special days. Include easy to manage activities such a blocks, plastic animals, magnet boards, etc.

The Olympics is a multicultural event-a perfect time to introduce foods from other countries to your child, such as tortillas, pizza, egg rolls, pita bread and hummus, etc.