Get Your Blog Ranked Faster With These 7 Stellar Tips

Creating a blog to generate money online is a fantastic idea. Here is the all you need to know about how to make a site from scratch and make money with it. Before you ask me, allow me to answer the question that why blog can help you make money online?

When writing your online blog post, put your keyword in the title of this post, the first paragraph of this post, the final paragraph of the post and at least throughout the article in a 2% dispersion. This means that you say your key word twice out of every 100 written phrases. Any more than that and it becomes difficult to read without it being obvious that you are keyword dropping just to get a great rank. Don’t do that.

Any update in the contents of a website could be reflected on search engines using a simple ping. Blogging is getting your information updated on the search engines almost instantly or within seconds, or a couple of hours at the most.

lifestyle expenses can be paid annually or you can pay it on a one-time fee fee. If these aspects may add more to your billings then better listen up my buddy. Now, here are a few of the ways on how you can slash off your blog fees.

Try to make sure that all of the most important aspects of your site are placed”above the fold” your website, or in the area of the screen where your readers will see each time a page loads. Doing so facilitates site navigation.

Website is the place where you share information and people come to visit your site to get that information. Information could be anything from news, events to problem solution and a professional guide. What your target is to build such a blog where an increasing number of people keeps visiting you daily. Once you get enough traffic on your site, you can put advertising on it that can result in income from your blog.

Think of a relevant keyword for your blog. A word or phrase that best describes the content of your blog should be used in the title, and replicated throughout the blog, including, significantly, in the first paragraph. Keep in mind however, that if the word is repeated too often, the site will appear over optimised. There are no strict rules about how many times your keyword should appear on your site, although as a guideline, if you repeat the key words every 100 words that would give you a’keyword density’ of 1 percent. Generally, a keyword density of between 1-5% is acceptable. Anything over 7% would seem to be too keyword rich and over optimised.

It sounds very simple, does not it? But in all reality that’s all it takes to start earning money with your online blog, and starting up this system to make online passive income.