Getting Inspired And Motivated The Easy Way

I was driving home the other day and I was thinking about the evening ahead. My plan was to go home, change into my gym clothes and get to my evening workout. I then became fixated on the word “workout”. The first part of that word is “work”. We all know that it takes work to become better at something, to improve ourselves. Nobody ever became better by lying on the couch with a bag of chips on their chest. Believe me, I’ve tried it a number of times and can speak from experience.

First, don’t beat yourself up over having gone through the above cycle. The careers of most salespeople, marketers, executives, musicians, artists and everyone else who depend on energy and creativity are littered with many such cycles – it’s one of the reasons that motivation al resources and speakers are always in high demand as professionals rush back for their next fix. But it doesn’t have to be that way if you approach personal motivation the same way you do other challenges in your life.

Identify and write down the number one MOTIVATING reason why you want to get in shape. Why am I emphasizing “motivating”? Well, this is because most people want to get in shape for the obvious reasons (lose weight, burn fat, improve health, etc.). Although those reasons can be motivating, and they of course are very important, most of us need that extra “push” to make us want to stick to something.

I’ve contributed money anonymously to many people, many times in my life. And I am the recipient of anonymous gifts from time to time. But this sort of thing – having a stranger pay for my breakfast – has never happened to me. It was an excellent occasion, that day, on which to experience that sort of kindness for the first time. It was a confirmation. It was an get inspired. And I believe it came from God.

One way to maintain inspiration is through the use of affirmations. Another way is by keeping pictures of what you want constantly before your eyes. And yet another is through the use of goal cards.

Great athletes, business leaders and top salespeople often seek out others to help them achieve their objectives. Seeking advice from a sales manager and another salesperson could help you gain the critical insight you need for your ongoing improvement. Ask for sales tips from others. Read sales books and listen to audio programs. Do whatever it takes to learn and improve. We all need training partners in our efforts to achieve. Find one today.

Other times the motivation will be spot on, you will realize “Yes, this is exactly what I was looking for to drive me”. Then use it. If motivation makes you act, use it. If it doesn’t, discard it. Sometimes it’s not easy. Motivation makes you feel good. Breaking that state of motivation makes you feel the cold of the wind and look at dirt of the ground once again. But life’s not fluffy or warm all the time. Many times, when you have to take action, you have to get down and dirty. So do it. Harness that skill and you will control your emotions, your capability for action, and achieve peak performance almost immediately.