How Can I Download Youtube Videos For Free

There are a lot of things to like about YouTube. It’s a great place to upload your videos, let people watch them, and interact with viewers. It’s free, and it’s fast. Unfortunately, although some videos can easily be downloaded, not all of them can. And even if you do manage to download a YouTube video, it’s often going to be in the Flash Video format (.flv), which isn’t all that common. Sure, certain players like VLC and MPlayer can play .flv files, but can QuickTime Player or Windows Media Player play them by default? No.

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Downloading youtube videos is not a very hard thing to do for those that are experienced at it. However, it is hard for the green horns as they find that on direct download, the video would not play. Youtube videos are converted into .flv format. So, someone without an FLV player will never be able to play and watch the videos while those who know how, will get the maximum fun. That’s the reason some services have opened shop and are helping people download their videos from youtube. To Download Free, the very first thing to do is search for it. Then find these services allover the internet. In fact there are quite a handful of them and they all render the services at not cost to you.

Under special circumstances on YouTube, if the user has declined the option of letting other users download the videos, this could be a problem. If this happens, then this is really the only way an individual would be unable to download videos from YouTube to their computer or ipod.

That is the extent of the direct, side-by-side comparisons that can be made. Video Surgeon has many other useful and significant features not found in MySpeed. If ones use for the software is ONLY to speed up the playback, then these additional features might not be of interest. However, for many people the additional functionalities in Video Surgeon will be quite useful. Here is a brief overview.

Click Library on the left side of the Free Video Downloader for Mac window to see the downloaded videos on the right. Double-click the item to view or play it with the built-in FLV player.

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