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Considering the vital importance of the 3-day notice to the eviction case that follows, the answer is not as simple as it seems. This article will address the issue of whether the landlord should write and serve the 3-day notice himself or have a lawyer and his process server take care of it.

The first HTTP servers where capable of locating files and sending them to the browsers. Later on the need to access databases arouse and brought to the creation of “CGI” (Common Gateway Interface) programs. The CGI is basically a native program that runs by the HTTP server in a special process environment, gets some request parameters from the server and processes it.

One of the major complaints that most people have with free web mail services is the major amount of advertising that takes place on their site. The use of a free web mail service can be a problem if the advertisements are getting into your business mail. This does not look professional and some ads may not be suitable for going across the desk of an important client.

After the 30 days expires the bank will hire an attorney and immediately stick you with an attorney fee anywhere from $1500-$3500. Within one or two weeks from then you will be visited by a forensic investigation services who will serve you court paperwork. Whether you decide to go to the court hearing or not, it is important that you decide what you want to do.

Get your technology in order. Setup an email account to correspond with attorneys. Utilize a phone that views email. Setup a basic website that broadcasts your rates and services. Find templates and examples of affidavits of returns and due diligence. Attorneys want you to be able to provide these at a moments notice, so have them saved on your computer. If you’re not going to utilize a database software, keep your records in an organized file cabinet or a document on a computer in case you need to produce invoices or copies of affidavits.

Quite often, the blocking or filtering software that will be used by the company will be the firewall. This usually consists of software (and sometimes hardware too), whose purpose is to detect the sites that the computer accesses on the Net. This is done through tracing of the IP address of the user’s PC. Aside from tracking though, others will have blocking capabilities built in.

The stories of improper service would be funny – if it weren’t for the impact on the case at hand. Legal professionals can tell stories of process servers who illegally trespassed on private property (because the server didn’t know the rules) or served papers to a family member too young to receive them (how old is old enough in your jurisdiction?). All too often, such impropriety can cause re-service of process, delay in court proceedings and, in really egregious situations, a case can be thrown out, regardless of its merits.

There are more advanced programming languages like PHP, but it’s not recommended for starters, you will need to know HTML anyway no matter what. I will link you to a page were you can read up more information on HTML, I won’t get into it to much on this article since its for setting up a web server. The link will be right below this text.