How To Do Driveway Paving

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Regardless of the method, the first step is to always mark your area. This allows you to clear any crops you may have. You can mark the area with string and paving contractors pegs so you know exactly where it is going. It can also allow you to visually picture where and how the garden shed will look in the place you have it.

Although this recommended driveway pavement is more expensive that concrete and gravel, the durability can compensate for the cost. In the end, since no repairs are needed, your cost will be lower in the long run.

The cheapest option is to go for standard concrete driveway paving like you see on foot paths. They are hard wearing and simple. For the same price you can use ‘utility’ paving which is thinner coloured flags usually sold 600mm x 600mm square (2 foot x 2 foot). This type of paving is a simple cost effective surface but the actually flags themselves are not great quality so you may suffer from efflorescence at first (white staining).

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Remember that a job well done is a lot better than a job done quickly. And with these suggestions, deciding on the best asphalt paving company is just easy.