How To Protect Yourself From Overdrafts And Bank Fees

A savings account will not usually have a check book and you need to withdraw money either from your local branch or via a cash card. You can only withdraw cleared funds and there is no option for an overdraft.

Then your one account became two as the building societies introduced ATM machines, then your savings account at the post office and then to beat it all klikbca came on the scene. Passwords are now required for Banking, shopping on the web, switch cards, visa cards, store cards, petrol cards and any other card that you may have.

Having said that, I still choose more savings accounts than current accounts because the required daily average balance for savings accounts is much lower than current accounts, which is easier to meet.

Unlike credit cards, which bill monthly for all charges, debit card charges result in immediate withdrawals directly from your checking account. It is simple and convenient to flash these cards at checkout counters, but it is essential to enter all charges in your checkbook register. Who needs to be surprised by a bunch of bounced checks, just because we neglected to log earlier charges? When the bank statement comes, who wants to discover forgotten charges and overdrawn accounts?

To make the internet banking service game more interesting most credit cards give you reward points on your purchases. Although it is something to trick you into spending more, it’s a real perk if you a genuine high spender. Sometimes you even get attractive deals like petrol surcharge waiver or merchant discounts. It’s always better to choose a card that rewards according to your needs.

Writing checks that bounce will result in overdraft fees and damage a person’s financial reputation. In fact, if a bank customer repeatedly writes bad checks, the bank may freeze, close, or cancel his account.

So, it is time for your TV recharge? Cash Cards or Mobile e-Wallets are again the answer! Without having to go to a dealer, you can get your TV recharge in seconds right from the comfort of your home and even while on the move via SMS. The world is such a simple place to live in. Today, you can do most things and transact money with the click of a few buttons! And Cash Cards or Mobile e-Wallets add to the advantage. So, you can get either Pre-paid TV Recharge Vouchers or opt for Easy Prepaid Top-up/Flexible E-Recharge.