How To Service Your Engine Part 2

No matter how good your tires are, there’s going to be time when you get one that goes flat. It can happen for any number of reasons and at any time, so it’s always wise to be prepared and ensure you car’s trunk has a spare tire, and importantly, the correct tools to change over the tires.

Lubing the chain should be performed after about every third ride. Wipe off the excess lube that sinks to the bottom of the chain the next morning, which also gets rid of some of the chain gunk.

The Kia Sportage already gets fairly good gas mileage for an SUV. Kia estimates that the 2011 Sportage gets between 21 and 29 miles per gallon. There are ways you can modify your driving and car maintenance schedule to maximize the fuel economy of your Sportage. By keeping your Kia’s fuel consumption as close to 29 miles per gallon as you can, you can save hundreds of dollars in fuel over the life of your Kia.

Since I had previously set the engine at top dead center before removing the distributor, I have no trouble at all placing the distributor in and having the rotor button align with the mark on the casing. Had I not done this procedure, I may have found myself yanking on a wrench at the harmonic balancer trying the find a sweet spot that would allow the distributor to fall in at exactly the right spot. Sometimes experience and foresight can save you loads of trouble.

If you are working with a carbon-fiber frame and/or seat post, use a Best Torque Wrench Under 100 to set the height to the manufacturer’s specification, or have a mechanic at the shop tighten this properly. Adjust your seat position.

People are killed every year after being crushed underneath their vehicle because they did not observe a second level of redundancy while using jack stands. I recently read a heartfelt post in a forum written by a father whose son was crushed underneath a vehicle and lost his life. The father stated how much his son loved working on cars and had he taken proper safety measures, he might still be with us today. What’s you’re life worth? You can’t put a price on it. You are priceless! Put in the extra effort to be safe.

You need to be cautious while buying socket sets, as using poor quality ones may have dangerous consequences, such as eye injury or ripped fingers. Cheap sockets may also lead to fastener rounding.