Inspirational Thoughts For The Day – Never Speak Badly About Yourself

Most psychological problems can be averted if you know how to properly manage your mind and not letting it get out of order. Managing your mind is like tending to a garden. On the other hand, if you manage your garden with tender loving care and plant it with good seeds, then you will reap a good harvest.

Still stuck? Start looking up quotes inspired by the themes in your work. Famous quotes, look at other links quotes, quotes from literature. Lines of poetry are useful because more often than not they’re written as images. Shakespeare is also another imagistic writer. What famous Shakespeare quotes can be connected to the theme of your work?

Some themes may also room to add personal touches to them. These can often be added when ordering, or afterwards for some. These touches can go a long way when offering someone sympathy.

An empty space between to widely positioned windows may just be calling for one of those clever wall stickers that are to be found or designed. A whimsical pattern of stars, falling leaves or birds in flight can be yours. Even more impressive is a natural setting which gives new life, atmosphere and ambiance to a dead space. A small change can make such a big difference.

As motivation : There are lots of people who have a funny way of motivating themselves and thus they use broken heart quotes as motivation. Personally, I don’t like this type of motivation where the only thing that prods us further is our pain. I would rather have a reward at the end of my task, as motivation. But to each one his own.

Anything worth achieving is worth documenting. How else will you keep track of your progress? When I decided to write these newsletters, I made a commitment to write x number of pages per day. If you are working during the day you can commit to blocking off periods of one to two hours per night of “freedom time”. If the phone rings don’t answer it, if your house is burning down, use your free hand to call a fire truck..get it? All interruptions will be valid if you allow them to be. “Freedom Time” is your time to figure out how to get out of the rat race so take it seriously. P.S. I was joking about the house burning down scenario!

11. Don’t worry what other people think or say about you. You must be a fighter and tackle your everyday tasks with ease and simply see them as minor challenges, not as something that you should excessively worry about.

The first week or two are the hardest because you may have the odd sore muscle and fatigue may set in during the work day. You should start seeing the benefits quickly including increased energy levels, reductions in weight and a better overall fitness. It also frees up your evenings to spend more time with family and friends or to do other required tasks. Today people have very challenging positions and many are doing the jobs of two so the added energy is a great stress reliever. Once you have been at those early morning work outs for a month you will wonder how you did without them. You will have a bunch of new workout buddies and your old friends will be full of compliments. This definitely helps you to get up at 6 Am plus the reflection of the new you in the mirror.