Out Of The Box Gifts For Father’s Day

Over the last week and a half it has been hard to get away from the deluge of Michael Jackson coverage whether on television, online, in a newspaper or magazine or on the radio. It’s amazing just how many people and organizations who failed to support him over the last decade are now coming forward and singing his praises. Hypocrisy has been running wild.

Marlon Brando was 49 and coming off of his academy award winning role in The Godfather when he signed on for the lead role in Bernard Bertolucci’s Last Tango in Paris. Many would call it a bold move. Bertolucci was not well known internationally, and what was known about him wasn’t particularly endearing. Only somewhat unfairly lumped in with a number of bawdy Italian film directors, Bertolucci was struggling financially along with the rest of the 1970’s Italian film world. That an buy a star like Brando would throw his weight behind a Bertolucci film was shocking.

Does your dad enjoy a good beer? Get him a membership into a Beer of the Month club. Each month the company will send out a new beer for him to try. This is the gift that keeps on giving. If your dad doesn’t like beer, you can also try Cigar of the month, coffee of the month and even fruit, chocolate or pizza. Whatever he likes, there is a service of the month that will remind him of your Father’s day present.

A local TV journalist in her home town of Christchurch saw Hayley performing on a street corner with her brother and sister. A television appearance led to a recording contract which has introduced Hayley Westenra to the world.

What do you think of the performance given by Enrique Iglesias and Ludacris on the show? Are you a fan of the star? Are you looking forward to seeing what new projects that the star will be a part of? What other performances did you like from the American Music Awards?

All couples have arguments. Getting over the argument is the difficult thing. Try this as a gift. According to an ancient Irish tradition, engaged couples were presented with a crystal bell. Whenever an argument brewed, all it took was for one partner to ring the bell and the dispute would be instantly settled.

She was not heard of for a number of years, and then she returned to the music scene with her 1981 single “In And Out Of Love” under Epic Records. This was followed by “Gigolo”, not only her final hit, but her final chart single.

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