Running – Finding Inspiration

Did you ever wonder why you went into business, moved somewhere or took a job in the first place? Have you lost track of your mission and felt like you just couldn’t get back on your path? Success hasn’t been lost, failure isn’t anywhere close, but something is missing.

When: Reflect on the times in your life when you’ve been most inspired. It might even have been during other tough times, when it took all your considerable talent just to get by. But were you happy, and excited about the future? What made you that way? The answer’s different for everyone, so turn some attention to figuring out what turned you on then… and you might find you’re able to replicate those conditions now.

People are only motivated in the long run if they are doing something that is their passion or that interests them, something that they feel is meaningful. They must have a feeling of being part of a community. They must work for, be part of, and believe that they are working towards something much bigger than themselves. They must build a legacy. This legacy is not the life on the beach or travelling.

5) Think Positively – People who are the most successful at something: whether it be in the area of music, business, sports… you name it; they had days where they lost Let’s be friends. Even the people who are passionate, and were born with a special gift, loose inspiration at some point in time. We fight this by having a spirit of perseverance. We should have an attitude that no matter what, I will keep trying until I see results.

Think it’s too hard to carry on in the face of too many failures? Think for a moment of the medial scientists who have been searching for a cure for cancer – how many of them have gone through their entire career – 40 YEARS of dedicated effort without succeeding? Yet with every failure they regroup and try again, over and over again. Where does their motivation come from? A fight for so powerful a dream, to save millions of lives and end countless millions of hours of pain and suffering.

Are you getting the picture? Change leads to an error message; feeling unsafe, wanting to retreat to safety or to what is familiar, which is…you guessed it, whatever you are used to doing; whether it is food, cigarettes, alcohol or any other habit you may have.

Ok, are you ready to get started with a positive, motivated attitude? Are you up for the challenge today? Friend, you can do stay motivated just for today. Practice telling the truth about each situation in life and motivation will follow.