Social Skills And The 5 Keys To Winning Friends

Starting a college life is not easy. By entering college, you will face new situations that would be extremely different from any you have previously met.

Peace is something that we can pretend to have too. Do you know a person, or are you, completely calm on the outside, but a withering mess inside? This person is someone who has buried their own issues so deeply and assumed a stance of peace-maker because it helps them to get through life.

When we learn to recognize what we are feeling, accept it and breathe into it – whatever it is, and we combine this emotional awareness with a clear and focused mind, we have the formula for emotional intelligence. In her book Radical Acceptance, Tara Brach suggests that when joy arises, when gratitude arises, when love arises – it’s easy to embrace it. The gift is when we can say “and this too” when the anger, sadness and fear emerge, and accept and embrace them too.

When we did pitches I would make sure that we had hand-outs during the presentation especially for the kinaesthetic people. It was so interesting to see how these people used hand-outs. They didn’t really read them at the time but they did like to ‘flick’ through them, and it adds substance to a presentation. Don’t leave hand-outs on the table to give out at the end – as the kinaesthetic people will want to get their hands on them as soon as possible and will feel frustrated during the presentation.

Social networking is the means by which you socialize online and network with others through a variety of web sites. You might be doing it already and not even know it. If you are on Facebook or MySpace, then yes you are already engaging in the practice of social networking.

I’m not telling you this to brag or pat myself on the back. It’s to let you know that just a few years back I was completely clueless with what to do in these situations. And that is what inspired me to learn these social skills. I was sick and tired of feeling manipulated by other people.

If you’re concerned about your nephew, go ahead and get involved. But don’t get your hopes up. These days, most home-schoolers understand the importance of social – as well as academic – development. Your sister’s isolation of her son has put him at a huge disadvantage relative to other children his age. At some point he’ll want to buy a Big Mac, drive a car, ask a girl on a date, or get a job. And unless something changes, he won’t be prepared.

So next time a birthday or a holiday comes up, why not get a toy you that does require batteries or software? Play Hungry Hungry Hippos or Barbies with them. The toys might not be the newest tem, but it will create something that you will both cherish forever: memories.