Steps In Installing Above Ground Pool

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You should clean the water and make it free from floating debris and the debris on the floor of the pool. But before you dive in, I suggest you use a pool skimmer and also, you could try using a long pole with a net on the tip to remove the leaves or anything that is floating on your pool. You could also use a vacuum which have filter baskets. To keep it really clean, you should clean it once a week. Private pools are all the rage nowadays. If you have some land to spare in your backyard, you can have your very own private pool. Most city scapes pools and landscapes will also offer you excellent landscaping services so that you get not just a great looking pool, but also great looking surroundings.

The area around the pool can also be finished nicely with tiles. These tiles can be of the homeowner’s choice and you can pick any color, design, or pattern you wish. The areas that can be paved are the walls, the surrounding area as well as the interior of the pool.

In most cases the removal of discoloration or various deposits can be done without draining the pool. Often times you can just swim to the floor and scrub them away with a stainless steel brush. Only use a stainless steel brush on fiberglass or concrete based pools. If you have an above ground pool or vinyl liner in your above ground pool, use a durable but soft nylon brush or a slightly abrasive dish sponge. Pumice can sometimes be effective on concrete pools, but do not use it on any parts that feature tile as the tile will be damaged by the stone. For much harsher stains or black algae you may have to replace the liner or drain the pool complete to pressure wash it and apply harsh chemicals.

This method is for concrete or plaster pools. Do not attempt this treatment with vinyl pools or you will have a lot of damage. Below is another method for vinyl pools.

The technology in this industry is changing and evolving almost monthly, with recent introductions like the infusion of Carbon Fiber which adds extreme strength, and some pretty nice looking colors, this makes this worth a closer look than in the past.

Proper winter swimming pool protection will not only protect your pool from the winter elements but can potentially save you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars, in expensive swimming pool repairs when the 2012 season rolls around.