The Story Of Lisa And Lori And Your Mortgage

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Another mortgage option is called the “option adustable rate loan”, commonly referred to as an ARM. If you qualify for this kind of home mortgage brokers you could pay as little as 1% interest against a “real” rate of about 7.25%. To qualify you need a very good credit rating.

We all know how important curb appeal is. Get those yards cleaned up, front and back! Remember, an appraisal has pictures of the back yard as well as the front. I know this sounds silly but a junky back yard tells an underwriter a lot about your home’s interior and maintenance routine. A buyer may over look it but the appraiser and lender do not.

OK, how can you do this without going absolutely bonkers? It’s all about SYSTEMS, my friend, as always. Example: One e-zine per week (like this one). One mailing per month (your Virtual Assistant can stuff the envelopes and take care of the printing and postage). A few personal notes, handwritten. A Hallmark e-card. Etc.

Most lenders will be tripping over themselves in trying to get hold of a new customer. Moreover, borrowers are generally spoilt for choice. They have to decide what kind of a lender would suit them best. The options available to the potential borrower would be those of banks, other financial institutions, and brokers. Then again, borrowers would have to look through a wide range of loans before they finally make a decision. It is important to compare a number of mortgages before selecting the winner. This would help the borrower to find the best bargains. Thus, (s)he would be able to avoid unnecessary expenses.

Borrowers were getting adjustable rate mortgages (ARM’s) that allowed them to pay interest only for the first 5 years. That made that half a million dollar home very affordable. And since housing prices were going up 20% a year there was nothing to worry about.

Treat it like a job. While it’s true that working from home means that you can set your own hours and work as little or as much as you’d like, the only way you’ll truly succeed and earn cash at home is if you treat it like a job. That means setting regular “office hours” where you’re free from distractions and can concentrate on your efforts to receive money online. Perhaps you want to work while the kids are in school, or maybe you’re a night owl and want to work from midnight until three in the morning. To expand your likelihood of success, though, set a regular schedule and stick with it.