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There are several brands that offer you binoculars. However, if you are looking for the best view, you need to ensure that you are picking up the best binoculars. This is why most of the people prefer the Pentax binoculars. Established in the year 1919, the company has since then, has become one of the leading manufacturers of binoculars in the world. In fact, they first launched the SLR cameras and subsequently, became technological leader in this industry. One of their strength is their world wide survey that enables them to deliver products that will fit in every situation around the globe.

I remember many years ago when my father had the latest binoculars. They were the best you could buy at the time. Those things were huge and weighed a ton. There was no way you could go out bird watching with those things because birds would see you coming a mile away!

The compact binoculars have FB, DCF, UCF, MCF and the Papilio series. Among them, the UCF and the DCF have their own ranges as well. The DCF range includes several models and they are all ideal for viewing sports. On the other hand, the UCF models are ideal for the travelling and hiking, though one can enjoy sports with them. Again, there are the full size Pentax binoculars that include XCF, PCF and the DCF series. Here again, the DCF can be classified into several ranges.

Mistake Number Two – buying binoculars that are not waterproof. You say you’ll never go birding in the rain? That may be true, but even water vapor from humidity in the air can be a problem. If your binoculars get any amount of moisture inside them they can fog up inside when that moisture condenses due to a change in temperature just like your mirror gets fogged up when you take a hot shower. Even if they dry out later, that day of birding was spoiled. Good, waterproof binoculars are filled with nitrogen to keep out moisture and even these can be found in a relatively inexpensive pair.

best night vision goggles Are Easily Transportable-Unlike with hiking and birding, you don’t have to wear them around your neck or carry them on you while boating. After a while, binoculars can wear you down, even the compact models that weigh less than 30 oz. On a boat, you can stow them away anywhere and use them only when you choose to use them. I recommend buying a pair of binoculars to keep on the boat at all times. This way, you know you have them, and you’ll have less to carry on and off the boat before and after each excursion.

Now that you know what sort of magnification you’re after and the size of your binoculars, the next step is to choose what sort of optic quality you want. Spend a bit of time in a binocular store and you quickly wonder why an 8×42 binocular can range from $300 to $1500. The different primarily lies in the quality of the lenses used.

There are many more factors that determine the performance and quality of your binoculars. I tried to cover the most important features to consider. Remember to ask yourself the questions I’ve discussed above when choosing the pair that’s right for you. Good luck in your decision, and don’t hesitate to send us an email if you have any questions about the binoculars that we offer.