True Blood News: Skarsgard Finds Love Off Screen, Moyer Suffers Knee Injury

Today we are talking with Jean-Claude Koven, author of “Going Deeper – How to Make Sense of Your Life When Your Life Makes No Sense.” His book is an entertaining and inspirational leap into the deep spiritual truths facing metaphysical enthusiasts of the new millennium. Welcome to Reader Views.

Weather permitting, build a bonfire (preferably in the middle of nowhere) and tell each other scary stories. Bust out the sleeping bags, warm socks, and your favorite ghost stories. The hot chocolate/adult beverage rule should apply again.

On April 14 there’s a New Moon. This New Moon could have many dimensions. I’ve already mentioned the importance of travel, but you should also consider your spirituality. The New Moon can show you new ways of looking at the world, that demonstrate that you’re not alone, that you’re part of a wider system, that works on many levels.

Go after him only if he isn’t married or taken (I don’t believe in poaching on another woman’s man). If he is single, get in there. Do however make sure you keep your school life separate from your romantic life if you do get involved. What I mean is, if you get involved with him, don’t be expecting an A if you are only doing D work. The brilliant ones tend to know how to separate business and pleasure, be prepared to get no perks unless you completely blow his mind (among other things).

Men generally don’t like to reveal their middle names, so the father-in-law’s middle name might escape you. Also, suffixes like Jr. and the third might have gone unnoticed. The in-laws also usually have been married a long time, and maiden names were never mentioned.

As you likely know, the royal wedding will be held at Westminster Abbey on Friday, April 29, 2011. On this day, Prince William of Wales, will wed his fiance and girlfriend of nearly a decade (on and off), Kate Middleton, making her a princess and making royal watchers around the world swoon from the karachi escorts of it all. However, time zones mean that the royal wedding start time will vary from region to region, country to country, and time zone to time zone.

The first thing you need of course, is a sailboat. As long as money is available, then you find more favorable deals if you pay for it in cash. A cheaper option could also be buying from auctions. There are a lot of finance institutions that would gladly approve a loan for a few hundred dollars a month. This would be the best way to buy as boat, as it is very expensive.

Going back to men, and the chicken heart syndrome, how do women cope with that? Uhmm, move on. There’s always going to be men out there that are ecstatic at the idea of having the initial encounter, meeting, first contact, opening, (cue in an orchestra) and not dealing with possible rejection of asking themselves. Pooof. you snooze, you loose. There are not many women out there willing to step forward, and give you an opening to know her better on her own. Giving her the “I can’t tonight line”, says to her: “I’m afraid tonight, let me think about it a little more.” Interest gone. Moving on. Then again, that’s just my opinion. Ask a woman you know, see what she has to say.