Using Articles To Bring More Traffic To Your Website

I don’t know if anyone can give you a good answer to that question. At my age, nothing is old school when it comes to internet. I know things grow old very fast these days, but I have a few words to say about Article Marketing that you should read.

Step #4… Create link wheel feeder site on some of the more popular web2.0 social media sharing sites. Each of these sites only need to be a single page with one or two of your articles on each with one backlink linking to your site and one linking to the next site in your linkwheel.

On the other hand, good quality content, (well written, relevant information), will make your Site stand out. That’s not too difficult, since generally the standard is poor!

With some article spinners you have to enter words manually and the software will then select from alternatives. so you might have the sentence “John will cook the meal”. You would then set this up as “John will (cook/prepare/create) the meal”. The software will now select the three words and produce three different sentences. You can see how it is supposed to work. Unfortunately, setting this up manually and checking the results probably takes longer than writing a new article!

Armed with all this information the ‘article rewriter tool reviews Software’ spits out hundreds of articles re-written in machine generated ‘gobble-de-gook’ – ‘appalling nonsense’ which sometimes get past the Search Engines but is an insult to human readers.

Well, that’s perfectly true but, if we are to remain solvent we have to put our client’s needs first! That means, ‘Do it right first time and every time.’ Don’t ignore the warnings!

So, are article spinners any good? As a source of the content for submission, no, but they can provide a great inspiration to do their job by hand. Just don’t overpay for them.