Who Is The Biggest – Me, My Mind Or My God?

Do you want to know more about psychic development and the methods of tapping into the subconscious mind? These are suggestions to expand and to grow the intuitive faculties. Do you wish to know how to increase psychic ability? If yes then read on!

The intuition is our inner voice and it acts like a guardian angel working hard to steer us in the right direction. It is in touch with our deep inner self and there is much wisdom deep inside us all. It pays to listen to it.

Try to imagine a healthy and balanced life. Physical activities when you wake up early in the morning and upon your vacant time, exercising your altération des facultés mentales.

Lost impaired mental faculties love increases stress levels. Every time you think of those good times that are not around any more your stress levels rise. You feel unhappy. You feel sick. You feel unworthy. And if there is anything that can actually kill you is stress.

One of the causes behind this misconception is that hypnotists often use the word “SLEEP!” as a command to put someone into hypnosis. This is because sleep is used as a metaphor for helping someone go into hypnosis. I will teach you more about hypnotic metaphors in later articles.

Today, the emphasis on time has become more pronounced. And so while time has contracted, work has expanded. The only way to keep up is to work through increased capacity – in short through going over all your reading material in double quick time.

Our inner feelings are a form of a communication system. As such these information inputs come into our consciousness in the form of gestalts and intuitive voices. There have been many times when we have felt like something is wrong but our minds tell us to override the feeling and to ignore it. Next we find ourselves in a much deeper hole than we imagined. If only we listened to our intuition everything would have been fine.

We were all perfect when we were born. The position we are in today is because of our past programming/experiences. The good news is we can change our life and the change comes through awareness. When we become aware of our current situation, we will change the way we do things.