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With the New Year 2010 finally here it will be great to see what new styles and trends will be made in women’s clothing. Maintaining a good wardrobe is about holding on to the clothes you can keep reinventing into different looks and outfits and giving the rest away to charity. Reading this will give you an idea of what fashionable items of women’s clothing are worth keeping in your wardrobe. These items of clothing are timeless and can be used on several different outfits. By covering the basic essentials of women’s clothing you will understand what is required in your wardrobe and make room for new styles and trends to come.

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Zippers were first put in children’s clothing in the 1930’s and replaced the button fly in men’s trousers around 1937. There were a few zippers in gucci of the 1940’s, but most garments still possessed button fasteners, until the 1950’s when they finally became popular.

Depending on how often a bra is washed and worn, the average bra may last from 6 months to a year without becoming stretched out. Investing in 2 or 3 styles at once means you will have plenty of choices in the months ahead.

If you look at the trends that prevailed during 40’s you will realize that the women were definitely dressed in a more conservative way. The term fashion could be described as conservative yet rich and elegant. The evening gowns were created from a different material called rayon crepe that had a sheer and shiny effect. The dress had stitch down pleats and self covered buttons. The women usually wore high necks and had pockets on the front side of the dress. These dresses really made a statement and displayed a unique sense of fashion.

Despite efforts to save the public the length of the skirt at the knee, designers anyway rapidly shortened skirts. Trying to Coco Chanel to shorten her skirt up to a certain length has failed.

Forget about browns and earth tones. this Fall its all about grays and blues. Gun metal, charcoal, Mid night and Navy are the colors to have. Dark means business and more and more people are dressing the part.

How to measure for a bra the correct way can make all the difference in the way a woman looks and feels. Womens clothing will also fit so much better with a correctly fitting bra.