Work From Home Job – Does It Really Exist?

Took a trip to Halls Creek, a small town in a remote location. My idea was to fund a business plan competition at the local high school to promote entrepreneurship. By the way, this picture was taken by an 8 yrs old girl who was wandering around with friends.

What exactly does Christian Entrepreneurship look like? Well, it is obviously an entrepreneur – someone who owns a business – but it’s more than that. It is someone who runs their business based on the principles found in the Bible. Principles of honesty and acting ethically need to be apparent. The business owner takes the high road when dealing with customers and employees. They are striving to bring glory to God by the way they run their business.

Now what about the tasks that aren’t worth your value, but you enjoy doing it? Do it yourself. If those little brainless tasks give you a sense of break, opportunity to unwind, then it is the value. Don’t pay someone else to give yourself a break.

All of these reasons are examples of why people Entrepreneurship, and these are just a few. But you get the idea. Why do we work – for money, right? Well working from home can not only provide you an income, but it allows you to work your own hours, choose where and when you go to work, there is no boss telling you what to do, and you control how much you earn, not someone else.

When you choose to work online you are selecting to work in isolation. You will no longer have the experience of working with your colleagues and will deprive of the confidence that you gain from working with other people.

However, having a work from home business you plan your own timings as well as leverage on other people’s time. In this way, you would have more time to spend with your family and loved ones.

First, let’s talk about the negative aspects of being able to stay at home and doing your work their. Sometimes it’s hard to remember when you have your career at home, to treat it like a real job. There are dishes to do, diapers to change or homework to help with, and a million other tasks moms do every day. It can be difficult to remember that in addition to these chores, work needs to be a priority.

Accepting realities of being a home worker would make it easier for you to land on one. You have to realize that in order to succeed; you need to have discipline, independence, initiative, self-motivation, right skills, focus and passion to what you are doing. In many cases it is harder to get yourself in the routine of working from home. You will have to learn to separate work time and leisure time. You must train yourself to understand that just because you are at home does not mean that you are off of work. Overall, the best work from home job should be the one who would give you financial and personal rewards.